Managing for Change

In today’s fast-paced world, success is defined by how quickly an organization can correct a problem people are experiencing and adapt to change. Since real estate is one of the largest investments an organization makes, it can and should be used to improve work and worker experiences as well as foster innovation. Leading companies recognize…

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Work has come Full Circle_D-Burns-FeatureImage-LI

Work Has Come Full Circle

Originally published in The Business of Furniture on November 6, 2019 Written by Darlene Burns, Design Director | dancker Years ago, we worked in offices. You may have had a desk in a cubicle or if you were lucky, a real office with walls. The environment was pretty much always the same. With the emergence…

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Creating Next-Generation Learning Spaces_S_Lang-LI

Creating Next-Generation Learning Spaces

Originally published by School Construction News in the Nov/Dec 2019, Volume 22, Number 7 issue Written by Steve Lang, President & CEO | dancker   The role of education is to prepare students to become active, successful, and contributing members of society. Surprisingly, the prevailing school model practiced today was defined in the mid- to…

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Technology in the Workspace-Creating a More Effective User Experience-Rob Newell

Technology in the Workspace: Creating a More Effective User Experience

Technology is pushing the world forward. Yet when it comes to workspace design, technology solutions are not typically specified until late in the design process, which creates a challenge for IT and AV teams brought in after furniture selections have been finalized. Today, businesses must support five different generations in the workforce. Each has their…

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Planning for an End-of-Summer Project Delivery for your School

While everyone thinks of summer as time away from school, it’s a busy period when renovating or updating classrooms, learning commons, and other education spaces. Here is our suggested timeline and process to ensure your project will be delivered and installed by the end of the summer, right in time for the new school year…

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Technology, Space and Furniture Working Together

To ensure your space promotes collaboration, is optimized for how you work, and stays beautiful, AV Technology solutions should be a part of an integrated plan from the beginning. A growing need for collaborative workspaces in today’s work environments has resulted in a need to change office spaces to accommodate this shift. If your people are…

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Ancillary is the New Primary

Visit any state-of-the-art workplace and you’ll probably notice right away that it looks different from its predecessors; ancillary furniture fills a variety of casual and comfortable spaces that people want to work in. Whether it’s a healthcare facility, school, or corporate office, today’s organizations require a diverse mix of spaces – large meeting areas, collaboration spaces,…

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Design Considerations for Collaboration Spaces

When designing a new collaboration area, countless elements come into play. These elements will change depending on the space type. Measuring the effectiveness of current and newly updated spaces, and adjusting the elements in the environment when users’ needs change, is easier than ever with tools such as Workplace Advisor. Getting started First, determine what…

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Flexible Furniture Solutions for Dynamic Teams

Today, projects are dynamic, multifaceted, and fast-moving – team members don’t strictly work on single, separate pieces – like an assembly line – and pass it on to the next person anymore. They collaborate throughout the entire process, from conception to final presentation, and they need a workspace that is just as agile as they…

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