Asset management ensures that furniture and equipment assets are secured, monitored, and carefully inventoried so they may be placed back into use quickly and easily when needed. This solution can also assist businesses reclaim valuable  real estate that is underutilized as storage for unused or surplus assets. These materials, which are staged in temporary on-site storage rooms, often fall into disrepair and might be forgotten, leading to redundant spending in the purchase of new furnishings.

With an industry that produces furnishings which are part and piece intensive, an organized system is a must–missing items can stall or halt the assembly of pieces and delay renovation projects from completion. With a mission to support clients ability to optimize their space to enhance productivity and efficiency, dancker also provides asset management to help facility managers stay organized and save precious funds by ensuring that all parts are together, clean, organized and in good repair.

The dancker Logistics and Operations team will pick up and store materials (furniture, construction material, medical equipment, millwork, and other belongings) from customer facilities. Once back in the dancker logistics facility, our team takes an inventory of the items, notes their condition, takes a photograph of each item, and assigns a barcode tracking code before items are stored in the company’s 250,000 square foot of racked storage facility. From there, all inventory is entered into our online tracking tool so that our clients can review their items 24/7 through an online portal, where they can also select certain pieces to be returned to their own facility on a specified date.

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