When you are creating waiting rooms for healthcare facilities, you must keep in mind the purpose they serve, as well as their functionality. Those waiting in a healthcare lobby could be attending a routine doctor’s appointment, nervous about receiving test results for themselves or a loved one, or awaiting word on the state of a family or friend. It can be a nerve-wracking experience, and you need to ensure you acknowledge the emotional states of those who will be utilizing the space, before you begin planning your layout.

There are a few vital components that must be examined when creating lobbies for healthcare facilities, regardless of the type of facility it is. Here are a few important considerations for your lobby.

Comfortable & Functional Furniture

Your patients and guests should, first and foremost, be comfortable as they wait. Choose furniture that is comfortable to sit in and utilize. Consider adding pieces that provide them with a working space, should they need to conduct any personal or professional business during times the wait is expected to be significant. Be sure to also add stylish magazine racks, coat racks, televisions, greenery, and/or other items that will help to make their wait more enjoyable.

Finally, ensure the lighting is appropriate for the setting. Bright overhead lighting can sometimes increase anxiety levels. Think about how you can create a healthy balance of light that is bright enough to accommodate those who wish to read, work or browse the web, without creating a situation that is stress-inducing for those who might need a more subtle, gentle atmosphere.

Calming & Clutter-Free

Your lobby speaks about your business, especially in the healthcare industry. Your facility should leave patients and their loved ones with the feeling that you are a top-notch provider and operate under the strictest of standards. The easiest way to accomplish this is with a clutter-free lobby. The lobby space should be free of any miscellaneous or unnecessary items. Remove used magazines that have outlived their time. Keep pens and other items placed neatly in organizational desk accessories.

Items placed within the space should serve a purpose, and any décor should be calming in nature. Furniture should have clean lines, and the color scheme of the entire space should be made up of soothing tones, to create an empathetic experience for patients and their guests.

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Easy to Clean and Maintain

Anything used in a healthcare facility must be easy to clean and maintain. Most healthcare facilities see their fair share of germs that could spread. It is because of this that is extremely important to select furnishings that can be disinfected often and quickly. There are several options for antimicrobial fabrics for lobby chairs and benches, and advancements in technology allow for end tables, coffee tables and more that each come with their own germ-defense properties.

When creating lobbies for healthcare facilities, you want to ensure that your patients are comfortable – under any circumstances that may arise. Your team at dancker can provide design, project management and installation services for any healthcare facility and will choose the ideal products for your unique needs and preferences.

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