Inspired to re-envision your workplace? At JLL, we are in the midst of our own major headquarters refresh in Chicago’s landmark Aon Center. Last month, we completed the first phase of this ambitious project, working with our partners at Gensler to unveil two newly reimagined floors that put into action all of the workplace strategy advice we provide to our clients.

When complete in spring 2017, JLL’s revitalized headquarters will exude connection, choice, and agility. And it won’t be simply because of open layouts, cutting edge-technology and trendy lounge areas — although those will all play a role, too.

In this time of warp-speed technological and social change, we know the needs and values of our multi-generational workforce are rapidly evolving. Today, workers of all ages crave work environments that support mobility, provide a choice of workspaces and foster a deep sense of connection. To fulfill that craving, we have embarked upon our 200,000-square-foot, six-floor Office Renew renovation with a “one-size-fits-one” approach to design.

Our vision is to offer a dynamic mix of settings that reflect JLL’s unique culture and provide our diverse talent with the flexible, agile workspace options they need to thrive into the future. The task is momentous, affecting 1,500 employees in Aon Center.

Ample motivation to “walk the walk”

Why take on such a challenge when the space was already visually compelling and highly functional? Because we know that bold workplace transformation, backed by data-driven research, will fuel powerful productivity and performance benefits into the future. Workplaces that win will be those that connect individuals and teams to make companies competitive — and they’ll be less tethered, more agile, and far more flexible than ever before.

Research has shown that organizations that successfully connect and engage employees yield nearly 150 percent higher earnings per share when compared to peers. Furthermore, companies that actively develop their culture return 516 percent higher revenue and 755 percent higher income.

Flexibility is also key to winning the war for talent. According to a recent survey, 7 out of 10 HR leaders use workplace flexibility programs as a recruiting and retention tool. The workplace itself must support this new approach to work.

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