Companies Are Rethinking The Open Office, And It’s About Time

In 2012, when Ethan Giffin was designing a new office for his Baltimore startup, he wanted an open floor plan…

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Going Beyond Campus Lecture Halls

“There are two sides to education. An objectively driven pedagogy presents the world to the learner, with a focus on…

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Can Office Environment Boost Creativity?

The workplace is evolving at an alarming rate. Gone are the days of marching into the office and being isolated…

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How GVSU students inspired Steelcase’s acclaimed ‘Brody’ furniture

Steelcase’s next big product is shaping up to be the Brody WorkLounge. The furniture won two high-profile awards at NeoCon,…

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Every dealership should be blogging

Every dealership should blog. A blog is a quick and easy way to convey information to your site visitors. A…

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