We at dancker are a diverse group with varied backgrounds, wide-ranging opinions, and unique perspectives, and yet we all have one thing in common: we love what we do. We don’t like to brag, but we’re proud of the fact that this shared passion is the glue that holds us together. In recent weeks, several dancker team members have shared what they love about their job, and whether they’ve been here for months or decades, the recurring theme is that working at dancker doesn’t feel like a “job.” It’s much more personal than that, and much more fun. What follows are quotes from a series of conversations with dancker’s leaders – a group that’s incredibly proud of the way the whole dancker team works together to achieve a common vision.

ADAM BEDELL. 6 months 

I was drawn to dancker by Steve Lang’s and Kevin Klier’s vision for the company and for the industry at large. They know what they want to do and how to do it, but more importantly they have a “why,” and that’s very powerful. dancker is a nearly 200-year-old company that operates like a young one; there’s an entrepreneurial spirit within every individual on the team. Every day I find more and more exciting things about dancker, and more great collaborators. I find that very refreshing, and it makes it fun to come to work.


The industry around us is shifting, and before I joined the company’s ranks, I saw dancker leading a new way forward. I was inspired to be a part of that. I am always looking for ways to do things better, quicker, cleaner, and I am excited to be on a team that shares that philosophy. We share an action-oriented vision – we walk the talk – and that’s very fulfilling.

ROB NEWELL. 2 years 

I love that technology is an integral part of dancker’s growth strategy – it’s not an afterthought. Even though dancker is 189 years old, it has the personality of a start-up, willing to take risks and explore innovation. With tech at the core of everything we do, it’s fulfilling to be able to deliver solutions to our clients, while also helping dancker succeed.


You can buy furniture and displays almost anywhere, but dancker provides valuable customer services, and because of that we enjoy long relationships with terrific clients who are wonderful to work with. I get excited for our growth potential; Steve Lang is a real visionary, guiding this amazing team into the future. It’s fun to be at the forefront.

KEVIN KLIER. 4 years 

dancker’s culture is very collaborative and empowering, and I love nurturing that. Everyone has a voice. It’s exciting to watch the energy and passion in the building. We challenge each other to step outside our individual sand boxes and push beyond our boundaries. Thirty years into my career and yet I’m learning something new every day.


I am surrounded by an amazing spectrum of people, and I love sharing stories about their gifts. My team is the most special in the world, and I love helping each member of the team realize their individual goals. dancker is very good at empowering people to follow their passions and career motivations, and at giving people the opportunity to shift into new positions and grow. I am thrilled when I can help my team move forward.


When I joined dancker, I was attracted to the idea of being brought on to help build something unique and compelling in the market. I also knew that dancker was uniquely equipped to support the business because of Leaders like Rob Culvert who had built departmental efficiencies and developed best-in-class processes and a talented team to carry them out. It freed me up to focus on what I am most passionate about and what I do best, which is working directly with clients to help them solve their workplace challenges with high performance solutions that are cleaner, faster and better than traditional methods. I find that very motivating.

TED GRILLO. 9 years 

I am a big believer in the “golden rule” of treating others as you want to be treated – of being nice to everyone, because you never know when you’ll cross paths with them again. I enjoy the people of dancker very much, and feel fortunate to work with people who live by the same philosophy. It’s a friendly, nice place to work, and we all enjoy working hard. I love the fact that our president and CEO, Steve Lang, is passionate about innovation and believes there’s no such thing as a bad idea. He loves to think outside the box about what we can do for our clients, and that’s very inspiring.


We are in a transformational period in history, not just for dancker but for the world. Everything is driven by technology. Things that once felt like science fiction are now becoming real. We communicate and socialize very differently, and those shifts are now impacting the workplace and thus the work that we do daily. It’s incredibly exciting to embrace change and to drive future-facing innovation with my dancker colleagues.

STEVE LANG. 21 years 

I love connecting people with what they’re passionate about. I feel an obligation to find, connect and develop the best and brightest talent in our firm. We’re creating an environment where each individual can grow and achieve their own greatness – their own success within dancker, much like I did. I don’t think of myself as the owner of the company, but rather the current company steward of our culture and our people. Our people make us who we are, and all of them working together, side by side, as leaders and employees, are defining and shaping the next generation of our collective success!

ROB CULVERT. 32 years

Throughout my career, this organization has afforded me the opportunity to grow – when the company has spread its wings, it’s allowed me to spread mine too. Over 30 years ago, I joined dancker as a warehouse associate crushing cardboard, and today I serve on the senior leadership team. I feel I have an obligation to help others grow, and give them the opportunity that I had. To tell you the truth, its a lot of fun seeing them succeed. When coming to work feels like “just a job” or when anyone feels stagnant, I have a real problem with that. I take this responsibility serious and personal.


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