“The MC’s leadership is following our strategic business plan to deliver more value to our members. We believe this new space will greatly enhance our ability to offer creative new ways for you and your key staff to learn, network and build business opportunities–while utilizing resources that might not be available to you otherwise.”

Jim Kirkos
President & CEO | Meadowlands Chamber

MCHQ Flythrough


Committed to creating the “Chamber of the Future”, the Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce created a destination for members to be proud of. MC relocated their offices to a new, larger location and dubbed the project the new MCHQ.

The new home more than doubles their existing space allowing for a modern and efficient office environment for their management team. It also created the first Meadowlands Visitors Center and a dynamic Business Hub open to members every day as part of their membership. The Business Hub is for all members to use as a space to meet with a member, prepare a proposal, present to a client, work on MC committee initiatives or learn.

It offers huddle rooms, open office areas and ideation & collaboration zones to enhance networking. It also includes state-of-the art technology solutions for a podcast studio, two video conference rooms and an Innovation Learning Center with a capacity of 80 people. The ILC serves as a unique business learning environment and is home to the Meadowlands 2040 Foundation, which partners with colleges and universities to conduct economic data research. Powered by technologies typical only to the largest corporations, members have access to a jumbo video wall, audio & video studio capabilities, ultra-secure WiFi, wireless printing and more.