Hammonton, NJ     146,000 sf

NJM partnered with us to design and install approximately 1,800 linear feet of architectural walls for their office environment. Anticipating future growth, the new headquarters was carefully designed to house 175 employees with the capability to fit up to 330 on-site employees.
We were responsible for installing the architectural walls in various areas of the building, including the collaborative spaces, private offices, and main hallways. NJM selected an array of Steelcase Privacy Walls that included specialty glass fronts. The bulk of the wall construction featured steel frame construction, while a select amount of private offices featured a wood-veneer covered steel frame. The NJM bank area was outfitted with wood veneer framed architectural walls with 3Form Bear Grass Light, a pressed glass front that featured strains of embedded bear grass. Because the new building was designed and constructed with a focus on sustainability, the nature-inspired glass fronts further embodied this environmentally-friendly commitment.