Florham Park, NJ

A partnership between the University of Texas MD Anderson Center and Summit Medical Group (SMG) extended its world-renown treatment protocols, clinical trials, and cutting-edge research to patients in northern New Jersey. Continuing our 15+ year relationship of providing customized solutions for SMG facilities across NJ and the mid-Atlantic region, we were excited to once again team with SMG. Together we created a positive healthcare experience for patients, guests, and healthcare providers alike.

Focused on supporting the physical and emotional needs of everyone who enters the space, careful consideration went into the finishes and furniture selected. Comfortable seating arrangements, access to daylight, and rich textures provide elements of biophilic design, the principle that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. Through the chosen color scheme and consistent use of products like the Lumicor acrylic panels with a fine leafy pattern called Meadow throughout the facility, patients, caregivers and providers are surrounded by soothing and beautiful materials and colors that contribute better health and well-being.

Waiting areas, configured to promote open sight lines to reception desks and clinical entrances, feature a variety of seating options to allow patients to either sit alone or with family and friends in a private area. Tables and easy access to power throughout the space allow patients and caregivers to stay connected and charge a range of mobile devices as needed.

Understanding the importance of a space where shared knowledge and decision making is essential, we furnished private offices and staff workstations with desk systems and mobile seating that encourage communication. A variety of storage options keep these spaces free of clutter, helping healthcare providers to concentrate on the task at hand.

By developing a solution based on supporting communication and patient well-being, the new MD Anderson Cancer Center successfully promotes SMG’s reputation for providing exceptional patient care.