Somerville, NJ

As the final step in the company’s 2017 brand refresh, we decided to renovate our work environment, which no longer supported how our organization needed to work. The space also did not represent the innovative solutions we offer, a missed opportunity for us to connect clients with our integrated solutions. We took the time to rethink our space to both improve our own organizational performance and to provide a better experience to our customers.

We achieved this by integrating our architectural, furniture, technology and logistic solutions to create a unique space that reflects a cultural shift in work environment and design. With a brighter, open interior mixed with areas for collaboration and concentration our experience center encourages employee engagement, wellbeing and supports the work styles of multiple generations. It also serves as a space that inspires creativity, improves teamwork and helps us co-create meaningful environments with our clients.

As a primary touch point for memorable customer experiences, our experience center features state-of-the-art collaborative technology, modular construction, demountable wall elements and the latest commercial furniture trends.