A renowned historic university, Georgetown embraces cutting-edge technology and creates a 21st century learning environment to support their forward-looking, diverse community of people who are devoted to social justice, restless inquiry and respect for each person’s individual needs and talents.

dancker has worked with Georgetown University and its design partners to develop standards for both on-campus and off-campus projects since 2019. Working with their “Classroom of the Future” initiative team, we evaluated learning environments and made recommendations to support their pedagogy. This initiative helped inform Georgetown’s decisions and supports their performance and cultural goals.

We helped Georgetown University optimize their facilities by providing a review and analysis of existing spaces. With each new project, we continue to support their efforts to modernize their campus. Projects include administrative and Dean’s offices, unique lobby areas for each of the 7 floors in the Intercultural Center, law school classrooms and auditoriums in the McCourt School of Public Policy, and more.

One challenge the university faced was addressing noise distractions within one of their campus buildings for administrative staff on Wisconsin Ave. Prior to implementing sound masking technology in the open plan office, people actively avoided spending time at any of the 60 workstations. This not only affected productivity but also the overall experience of both staff and students. Our team recommended and installed sound masking throughout the space to create a comfortable and productive working environment. With the new system in place, people began using their focus spaces again and immediately noticed a significant improvement in productivity and overall experience.

Georgetown’s commitment to incorporating the latest technologies and creating an optimal learning and working environment ensures that students choose GU, and can thrive and excel during their studies.