Multiple Locations     Approximately 200,000 sf

With a challenge to optimize real estate, enhance collaboration, support a mobile workforce, attract and retain top talent, and promote employee engagement, this major pharmaceutical company has had various renovations across multiple buildings.

For over 30 years, we have partnered with this client to help them address complex requirements related to both market changes and industry trends. Our experience and knowledge has helped them optimize their real estate by maximizing the availability of flexible work spaces for a mobile workforce that requires temporary workstations and has short-term project needs in multiple locations.

Throughout our partnership, we have assisted in the removal of existing furniture and installation of new work spaces, including workstations, common areas, banquet and cafe spaces, focus and communication rooms, conference spaces, common filing areas, telecommunication collaborative spaces, and neighborhood lounge areas. We have also provided architectural wall solutions.

We offer ongoing asset and inventory management services and have multiple On-site Facility Support representatives to assist this client meet their real estate and facility management goals in a cost effective manner.