Consumer Goods Building, Wayne, NJ

At risk for outgrowing its space, global flavor and fragrance company Mane needed to renovate two floors of its facility in Wayne, NJ. Serving as a sales office, manufacturing facility, and R&D/innovation center, Mane wanted to optimize its space for greater efficiency and create a cutting-edge environment reflective of its brand.

Following a tour of the Steelcase showroom in New York City, Mane felt confident that the combination of choices, aesthetics, and pricing could help them create an innovative new space that was tailored to their specific needs. Working with Mane and their design partner, Studio 1200, we produced real time renderings of proposed furniture layouts. The ability to visually make changes on the fly increased Mane’s confidence during the approval process and expedited order entry to keep the project on schedule.

Mane’s new space represents an exciting mix of culture, brand, and efficiency. Workstations and private offices, arranged to enhance team proximities for easier sharing of knowledge, feature practical work surfaces and storage to promote efficiency. Collaboration spaces integrated throughout cultivate creative group work. Additional spaces for manufacturing labs, conference rooms, product testing, and product display complete Mane’s goal to offer a unique employee and visitor experience.