Whippany, NJ

When Withum+ decided to relocate 125+ employees from its Morristown-based office to Whippany, NJ, we worked with Aztec Architecture to help create an exciting, new space built differently. The challenge was creating a technology-focused, collaborative and inspiring environment that paid tribute to the achievements of past employee generations and enduring traditions.

To set themselves apart from the other accounting firms, Withum+ decided to take a new approach and chose to go with full modular construction. We provided a DIRTT solution to give Withum+ the flexibility to easily change their space as the future dictates.

The “Withum Way” features “strength messages” of passion, innovation, and community. These terms were prominently displayed throughout the space through custom graphics and technology integrated in the custom DIRTT architectural solutions.

The build-out of 2,000 linear feet of pre-engineered wall system with power and data pre‐manufactured and inspection ready was completed in five days. While carpet installation took only three days in a wide open, warm shell.

This was an environmentally sustainable project that involved 42.77% of recycled content and diverted 26,150 pounds of construction waste from landfills. In total, 556 pounds of carpet scrap and 25,594 pounds of drywall waste were diverted landfills.