Active Learning Environments

Our versatile furniture and technology solutions can quickly be rearranged for different learning styles to encourage engagement in the classroom.


Library and Learning Commons

Today’s libraries need to provide both co-working spaces that foster collaboration in addition to the deep-focus spaces expected in a library setting. These two factors need to work together in harmony all while supporting the increasing use of technology for research and project development.


In-between Spaces

The spaces between classrooms can provide opportunities for touchdown spots to finish a reading assignment, review content before an exam or meet with friends or instructors. They can also be a breakout area for group work or discussions.

Planning Ideas

Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Supports collaborative, project-based learning and social connections, as well as individual focus spaces.

Active Learning Environment 2

Active Learning

This design provides flexible furniture for fluid modal switching from lecture, to large group, to small group, as well as democratic access to tools that sets the stage for increased student engagement and deeper learning.


Active Learning Classroom 1

Students and instructors need convenient sightlines to digital and analog content, as well as to each person in the room for optimal conversation and collaboration. These tiered, “stadium” style seating and tables adjust with ease to create a clear view through multiple configurations.


Active Learning Classroom 2

Hands-on activities and less-formal conversations can spark new thinking and understanding. This varied, mobile setting makes it easy to get together, share and try something new.


Active Learning Classroom 3

Collaboration. Listening. Independent reading. Hands-on making. This classroom has it all – and invites engagement with clear zones to support different activities that may happen concurrently.


Active Learning Classroom 4

Where will learning take the classroom? With smart tech support and extreme mobility, this space delivers a dramatic range of options to suit different learning styles and teaching methods.


Collaboration Spaces

media:scape with canopy creates a private area within an open space so that a team of students can connect to their live classroom from a remote location. Room Wizard makes it easy to access this particular space as needed.

In-Between Spaces

In-Between Spaces

The perfect touchdown destination offering mobile workers focus and respite. Lagunitas Lounge offers comfort and well-being, power and storage. Tall panels, in mesh or fabric, keep conversations in and visual distractions out. The articulating cushion toggles to support a range of work modes. Lean back for casual work. Lean forward for greater focus. Move the Lagunitas Personal Table into position when you need a work surface for your laptop or tablet.