Waiting Rooms

Your waiting/reception area sets the first impression a patient, guest and family members make of your practice. We can turn your waiting room from a passive environment to one that actively supports physical, technological, and emotional needs.


Exam/Patient Rooms

We help our clients update exam and patient rooms form outdated spaces to ones that optimize special efficiency and build new levels of patient trust and confidence – making them active participants in their care.


Office/Meeting Spaces

As the pressure increases for healthcare organizations to deliver increased patient experience, few systems are leveraging the full power of space to help increase perceptions of quality care. A warm meeting space with integrated technology promotes better interactions that build relationships and enable shared decision making.

Planning Ideas

Waiting Room

Waiting Room

Provide for productive waiting by supporting a wide range of activities. Provide furniture that supports activities and postures beyond just upright sitting. Anticipate new and emerging technologies with an adaptive infrastructure.

Multi-purpose space

Multi-purpose Space

A large clinical team space provides multiple settings for various work modes. Spaces for quick tasks, touchdown, meeting and concentrated work are present. Multiple postures are supported through various and adjustable worksurface heights.

Private Office Healthcare

Exam Room

Private treatment spaces are an important part of the Infusion ecosystem as it provides another level of privacy and comfort for those patients who are very ill.

Patient Care-station


Making the most of architectural elements, this setting utilizes a column in the space maximizing the real estate and providing patients with a large and comfortable bay.

Patient Room

Patient Room

In this patient room, the family can feel welcome as active partners in their loved one’s care. It’s also an efficient space where clinicians can move around freely and engage effectively with the patients and the family.

Clinician Space

Clinician Space

This area supports collaboration between clinicians, providing a variety of options within the space. A main enclosed area for team meetings, a small area for resting and breaks, and small enclosed areas for heads down work with technology access.