(Somerville, NJ – February, 2017) Integrated interior solutions company Dancker, Sellew & Douglas has officially changed its name to dancker. Offering a host of services to their customers, the nearly two-century-old company has a history of adapting offerings to the changing world of workplace, education and healthcare environments. dancker’s name change takes place in conjunction with the launch of a new brand identity which includes a redesigned logo, marketing materials and website. The initiative will culminate with a showroom renovation in the company’s New Jersey headquarters later in 2017.

“We realized the colloquial use of our name had become simply, dancker, and decided it was time to officially clarify this for our customers by following suit. Our name is changing, but our dedication to our clients’ success remains the same,” says President and CEO, Steven Lang.

dancker began in 1829 as T.G. Sellew, a furniture design company specializing in a roll-top desk, and by 1944 had transformed into Danes-Dancker-Sellew, the oldest desk manufacturer in New York. In 1988, the company was changed to Dancker, Sellew & Douglas (DS&D), and their focus shifted to the importance of furniture standards, specializing in architectural components that could be used in many applications. Today, with the recent addition of a Workplace Technology Solutions division, dancker seamlessly integrates architecture, furniture, and technology as a one-source provider and logistics manager for corporate, education and healthcare facilities.

About dancker
Founded in 1829, dancker is one of country’s oldest privately held companies. A leading interior solutions firm, dancker helps its clients rethink their spaces by maximizing the impact and value of real estate assets through the integration of furniture, architecture and technology solutions. dancker is driven to “surprise and delight” its employees and customers, through an environment that inspires creativity and fosters positive change. dancker conducts business nationally from its headquarters, showroom and logistical facility in Somerville, NJ.

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