The workplace has changed radically in recent years with four generations now working together, each has a very different style. Achieving and maintaining employee engagement is critical for any business to thrive for years to come. Staying competitive requires having a well-designed, people-focused workplace. Your space needs to encourage productivity and collaboration, promote health and well-being, and help attract and retain top talent.

To help our clients succeed, we’re sharing best practices you can use to revitalize your workplace. Through our established partnerships with over 300 manufactures, we can provide you intelligently pre-configured floorplans and planning tools to help you compare furniture options and encourage inspiration.



Privacy & Focus Spaces

The trend towards open and collaborate spaces has left most offices without enough privacy. This has taken a heavy toll on employees’ creativity, productivity, engagement and wellbeing. The harder people work collaboratively, the more important it is to have focused time away from distractions for productivity. Private spaces also provide an opportunity for people to decompress and recharge.


Collaboration & Teaming Spaces

Team work is central to knowledge work.Collaborative settings provide the supporting structure. At its core, knowledge work is four activities: learning, socializing, collaborating, and focused work. Three of those involve two or more people in creating, evaluating, and building on knowledge to generate new ideas and creative solutions.


Engagement & Power of Place

A recent study by Gallup showed that worldwide, 87 percent of employed people are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at work, which means that they’re emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and thus less likely to be productive. To reverse this trend, we are creating strategic ecosystem of spaces within a floorplan. This empowers people by giving them the ability to choose the right space for the work at hand.


Top Talent & Spaces that Represent Your Culture

Having a collaborative, welcoming and energizing work environment makes it easier to attract and retain top talent. Your work environment needs to support your brand and culture. The design of your workplace sends a strong message about your organization-both to internal and external audiences.


Wellbeing & The Workplace

Employees that are static and overloaded with information and distractions feel stressed and are not able to be creative. And creativity fuels innovation, something that organizations need to succeed in a global economy. With so much time spent at work, and the huge impact of technology on our lives, employers need to consider employee well-being when planning a workplace.


Technology Integration

Understanding today’s audiovisual trends and anticipating what’s coming next allows you to create spaces that empower your people – both locally and globally. Millennials are driving the need for seamless technology. They are innovative by nature and expect organizations to support them; if not, they move on to someone else who will. Retaining top talent will always be a huge priority and technology is a critical component.

Featured Products


Brody Social Hub

Brody Social Hub

The Brody WorkLounge in the Social Hub provides users the opportunity to meet, connect and work as individuals or teams. Optional right or left hand screen placement offers protection while creating a comfortable and inviting setting.


Cafe / Innovation Center

An outdoor extension of the social hub includes movable furniture so groups can connect and socialize or conduct some work. Even if not used as often as indoor spaces, outdoor options extend the workplace and provide choice, a key element of a more productive work environment. Products: Emu Heaven Table, Emu Round Table, Emu Pattern Seating, Emu Pattern Table, Emu Ivy Seating, Emu Ivy Table


Focus Space

A place free from visual and audible distraction or interruption for deep focus, strategic thinking and getting into flow. This focus setting for one supports ergonomic task posture for longer duration concentrative tasks. Products: Davos Seating, RoomWizard, Elective Elements, SOTO, V.I.A., Gesture


Nomadic Camp

This space provides a variety of lounge options for 2-6 users. Providing power and a feeling of enclosure users can touchdown between meetings or camp out for longer working sessions. Products: PowerPod, Lagunitas Table, Lagunitas Lounge Seating



Flexible furniture provides for fluid modal switching from lecture review, to large group, to small group or to independent work. Products: Verb, Verb Whiteboard, Campfire, ēno, Node


Collaboration & Conference

Larger footprint casual collaborative setting comfortably hosts 10 people. Products: Await Lounge System, V.I.A., cobi, media:scape, media:scape Lounge, c:scape


Height Adjustable Benching

Created for nomadic workers who need a workstation that can quickly adjust to meet their work needs for an hour or a day. The open look and feel provides access to natural light and collaboration with others in the space. The height adjustable desk allow the user to quickly, quietly and intuitively change their posture and better accommodate their work needs. Products: Migration, SOTO – Personal Organization + Privacy Solutions, FYI, Reply, Answer


Distributed Collaboration

Team space with up to six people on camera in videoconferences. Products: RoomWizard, V.I.A., cobi, media:scape, media:scape Lounge