Our team will work with you and your design partner to assist in the design of a functional and engaging workspace. We provide support with planning and specifications, as well as extensive product knowledge.



Real Estate Analysis

We find opportunities to assign a new purpose to underutilized areas in your space in order to make the most of your real estate investment.


Space Optimization

The cost of real estate, along with increase in mobile and more collaborative work, has resulted in a trend towards real estate optimization. According to a survey conducted by Steelcase and CoreNet Global, 80% of those surveyed expect to contract their space per employee by an average of 10%.


Product Expertise

Solutions Studio is a concierge service created specifically for designers and architects, their experience will save you time.




Technical Specifications

Our team can provide design support from space planning to technical specifications to help reconfigure and create work spaces that are optimized for productivity and engagement.

R-Workstation – 1final

3D Graphics

We can create 3D renderings, video flythroughs and Virtual Reality animations of your space to help you to visualize the placement of your furniture.



Our team can produce 2D drawings and develop workstation concepts for your review.



Using approved space layouts and typicals, we can install the furniture pieces at your office to give you a hands-on preview of what your space will look like. We can also create mockups at our headquarters/working showroom.