We can provide a collection of online surveys to help draw out common themes and personal insights that highlight potential opportunities to improve the functionality and performance of your space.



Workplace Satisfaction & Employee Engagement

A survey to identify the gaps between what your employees feel is important in their workplace and what they actually have. Results can help you work towards better employee engagement.


Mobility & Space Utilization

Do you know how mobile your employees are on a regular basis? This survey offers insights into opportunities to reclaim real estate and optimize your space.


Collaboration vs. Private

Understanding the level of interaction among your staff, what activities are being done, and where the interactions occur is important. So is understanding the individual and focus work requirements. This survey allows your employees to share what is important and their agreement level of their current environment.


Needs Assessment

This survey helps uncover information about specific needs people have in the workplace when they work alone or in groups.




Survey Setup and Deployment

Based on your goals, our team will set up the survey to be sent to your employees and key stakeholders. We will track responses and manage the entire process.


Reporting & Analysis

We will compile all survey responses into a concise report for you and can offer recommendations to improve your space. We compare your data with industry trends and other best practices to offer you analysis on ways to optimize your space.



Our ability to compare data with market trends and other best practices means we can share recommendations for optimizing your space.