Traditional construction has not changed in over 100 years. Pre-engineered interior construction offers a faster and cleaner construction method that saves time and labor costs while offering greater flexibility to adapt to future change.

As a one-source provider of low-profile floors, integrated ceilings, plug-and-play power
and data, modular walls and millwork, and integrated technology solutions, we offer everything needed to create flexible spaces that keep pace with ever-changing requirements.



Pre-Engineered Interior Construction

Keep your budget focused on the walls, not the labor. Cutting-edge technology allows us to optimize your space with superior features, benefits, and flexibility so you don’t have to compromise on design.


Technology Integration

By routing power and data and seamlessly hosting interactive displays and electronic whiteboards, pre-engineered architecture solves the challenges of bringing technology into a room.

high performance acoustics

High-Performance Acoustical Solutions

Modular interior construction is specifically designed and engineered using highly effective seals to significantly decrease sound transmission and maintain privacy.


Modular Millwork

Our fully customizable, modular millwork works for nearly any application – healthcare, corporate, residential, education, and government. Unlike conventional millwork, our solutions offer complete customization, fast lead times, smooth installation, and long-term performance.


Modular Power & Data Solutions

Reducing installation time by 50-75%, power and data embedded within the walls, ceilings, and floors make reconfigurations for moves, adds, and changes simple and straightforward.


Low Profile Access Floors

Low profile floors provide fast, cost-effective access over traditional or modular flooring to electrical, data, and voice cables throughout the office. Clean floor panel access paves the way to flexible and effective floorplans.




Design Support

We provide specialty architecture for your unique projects, including 3-story high glass walls, fire-rated partitions, and integrated plumbing, med gasses, etc. for healthcare applications.



Our proprietary software allows us to seamlessly transition from concept to design to order entry and production.


Project Management

From the design phase through post-installation activities, we coordinate all aspects of your project to keep it running on budget and on schedule. Our on-site field supervision support immediately addresses any concerns to ensure your project’s success.


Day 2 Services

Following installation, we provide maintenance agreements, follow-up services, and adds/changes requests to keep your project in prime working order and ensure you are taking advantage of your solution’s full capabilities.

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