Workplace environment is essential to recruitment, especially for younger generations–to attract and retain new talent, the workplace needs to connect people, space and technology. Encouraging multiple generations to work alongside each other can be as easy as having communal charging stations that promote conversation between tasks or providing technologies that assist in forming teams, even when working remotely, that lead to intergenerational collaboration. This new workplace flexibility can foster healthy work relationships that reduce stress and increase productivity. Below are a few of the trends outlined in the Business 2 Community article “10 Big Office Trends to Watch This Year”:

Business Casual Becomes the New Norm

A younger workforce coupled with a growing number of freelance employees may lead to a more “laid back” approach to office attire. Gone are the days of wearing a suit and tie; more employees will be encouraged to dress comfortably to help cater to a growing demographic that overwhelmingly disagrees with the idea of dressing to impress.

Offices Get “Smarter” When It Comes to Technology

More wireless charging stations, outlets, and cords will take up more space in the office. Companies will soon start incorporating more apps into the day-to-day routine. Everything from room bookings to meetings to even client calls will be done via different apps. Brick-and-mortar buildings will undergo a major overhaul to include more smart technology. Smart desks and chairs could also become more popular.

Office Layouts Include More Green Space

Green is the color of productivity — at least that’s what one Harvard study has found. Better in-office design and maintenance has been found to lead to happier, better-focused employees. This year, companies are expected to start incorporating more green spaces into the workplace. As an added bonus, more eco-friendly design layouts have been found to lead to overall higher cognitive function and lower sick rates among employees.

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