The full article, Interior Design with Caregivers in Mind, was originally published by Healthcare Facilities Today, on December 21, 2022.

Written by Matthew Eubanks, Account Executive at dancker

Facility managers and designers can help counter some of the most challenging aspects of healthcare workers’ day-to-day jobs and the difficulties they face by designing with medical professionals’ needs in mind.

Healthcare Facility Managers and Designers are focusing on creating spaces that support caregiver and medical professionals by including moments for respite and relaxation. To give healthcare professionals an opportunity to rest and recharge before returning to attending to their patients, they need spaces that provide them with comfort, privacy, and a chance to relax fully.

From comfortable seating and lounge pieces that integrate power sources, to biophilic design and proper lighting and air filtration, respite spaces must be as functional and comfortable as the spaces created for patients to recover and heal.

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Matthew Eubanks, Account Executive