Last year, our client shared a touching story of his son’s illness and subsequent admission and recovery to Bristol-Meyers Squibb Children’s Hospital at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ.

Following his experience, he worked with the appointed president and CEO at RWJUH to secure donations for Steelcase Empath recliners for the pediatric unit, to give parents and loved ones a more comfortable place to stay with their child.

Our team provided the recliners with a plaque celebrating our client and his son to the pediatric unit. We asked our team to help make this donation even more special by donating items for caregiver kits, children’s toys and games, and snacks to ensure as much comfort as possible for families during difficult hospital stays. Our team responded with an outpouring of support and love.

“I just wanted you to know the impact that the donated chairs have made. We recently had a family who was diagnosed with a tumor and was very uncomfortable in her bed. Once she was placed in the chair, her face lit up in a smile. We were able to position her in a way that the tumor was not pressing on her back, and she had some pain relief.  

There have been many examples of parents being able to rest at the bedside in the chairs because they are close to the children just in case, the child may need something in the night. This allows the parents to sleep a little ( very little in a hospital)  while knowing they are close to their child.  

 Your generosity is very much appreciated not only from the families but from the nurses and staff who care for them.  It seems crazy but when caring for kids with cancer the little things make the greatest impact. “

– Susan Fastenau  BSN, RN, CPON ,Pediatric Oncology Nurse Educator  

At dancker, we believe strongly in creating meaningful experiences that inspire and impact long term.

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