Since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis in March of 2020, dancker has adapted and adjusted our offerings and how we support our customers.

Like every other organization, we needed to pivot quickly and learned many lessons along the way. We’re incredibly thankful that most of our staff was able to continue working from home seamlessly. We’re extremely proud that our dedicated Operations team remained on the road throughout the crisis, including hot spots like New York City, without a single incident.

Albert Einstein is credited for saying that “in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.” Indeed, we found this to be accurate as we learned from the challenges we and our clients faced at the beginning of the COVID crisis. It inspired us to pivot our capabilities in new ways to serve our healthcare clients with their emergency needs.

 “It’s amazing to see the investment and level of preparedness our clients are making to combat the pandemic and to prepare for their futures.” – Mike Pfitzner, Asset and Inventory Manager

In under a month, our Logistics team was able to fully set up a new 145,000sf logistical facility to support our healthcare clients’ COVID-19 planning. An extension of our established offering to provide logistical support for our healthcare clients and their operations, this new facility and dedicated team can further help our clients manage their emergency condition needs, including future regional vaccine distribution.

“I am proud of our team’s commitment and efforts to set up a new logistical facility in 15 days as we continue to focus on ways to serve our clients. We are well-positioned to deploy these resources to our healthcare clients throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic,” – Rob Culvert, Vice President of Operations 

dancker’s Healthcare Logistics program was established to support our healthcare clients in managing their furniture and equipment assets for both new and existing facilities. Healthcare logistics is complex – it requires 24/7 responsiveness, knowing that at any moment, lives could be at stake. The delivery and installation of medical equipment and materials must be accurate every time. By leveraging our logistical facility and resources, capital-purchased materials and equipment come into one centralized facility where we ensure a seamless process by managing the phased delivery of assets as needed to support healthcare clients.

“Our veteran healthcare service team understands the complexity of managing crucial assets with speed and care to allow our clients to focus on treating patients.” – Dennis Summers, Senior Account Executive, Asset & Inventory Management 

dancker’s Logistical Solutions supported multiple clients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with both emergency projects and supporting work from home programs for national clients. Our team was able to pull products from our Asset and Inventory Management program to help set up various testing sites for multiple healthcare clients on the same day. We also worked with a national corporate client to redirect their supply of office chairs from several warehouse facilities across the country to be sent to employees working from home for the foreseeable future.

Because of our team of experts and a well-established asset and inventory management program, dancker was able to quickly support our clients’ changing needs in planning for emergency conditions. Rather than focus on the crisis, we’ve taken Albert Einstein’s advice to look for opportunities to strengthen our organization, our offerings, and our commitment to always be in service to our customers, our partners, and our communities.