In 2020 we learned that virtual meetings work when we’re managing through pandemics, but we know that collaboration, whether face-to-face or remote, remains essential for driving innovation and productivity.

When encouraging employees to return to the workplace, it is critical to build trust and instill confidence that work environments are safe and that measures are in place to monitor safety compliance. Implementing new technology solutions that support employees throughout their day can help you create and manage a safe and productive work environment. In addition, most organizations will continue to see an increase in remote work. This requires careful consideration of how to support and connect dispersed team members to create compelling and inspired solutions that engage the entire team.

Below are solutions we recommend considering for a return to better workplace strategy:


Facilities managers can adjust density of spaces by removing chairs and posting new occupancy rooms to ensure physical distancing for safe workspaces. Having room reservation systems in place helps to communicate changes to a room’s occupancy and ensures an easy way for team members to reserve spaces for either meetings or focused work prior to entering the workplace. This guarantees that employees have a dedicated space to work that they can choose from spaces that have safe distancing measures in place.

With options for large-scale digital displays to show real-time space availability and apps that empower your people to locate and reserve the best space to meet their needs, reservation systems are more than displays outside a conference room.


Cost-effective and easy to deploy, occupancy sensors provide a data-driven solution that ensures a return to the office with confidence.

You can use space management sensors to see where, when and how often spaces are being utilized along with approximately how many people are utilizing different workspaces to make informed decisions about how to adapt the workplace post-COVID. This solution makes it easy to measure how everyone is following safety protocols. Occupancy metrics can also support in prioritizing cleaning procedures by easily identifying spaces most used.

Occupancy Measurement Tools
Steelcase Work Place Advisor


Whether working from home or planning the re-entry back to the office, a high-quality collaborative experience keeps us connected and engaged. While everyone remains concerned with safety measures, touchless technology solutions can help minimize the spread of illness while supporting productivity and collaboration.

Wireless Content Sharing


As we begin to migrate back to offices, there is a need to continuously communicate return to work policies and new procedures. Having physical reminders in the office does not mean relying on expensive or temporary printed solutions. Using dynamic digital displays empowers you to create and communicate your branded messages to employees and/or customers from a variety of sources for long-term return on the investment.

As situations continue to change, a flexible digital signage solution can also provide important changes and updates easily. Content can be built, managed and scheduled for multiple displays and changed as needed faster than printed or fixed displays.

Digital Signage
Project Example: Digital Signage at Meadowlands Chamber Headquarters


Conducting rapid temperature checks in succession on employees and visitors prior to entry helps mitigate the risk of exposure to illness.

Temperature and facial scanners that use advanced thermal detection technology to quickly scan internal body temperatures are an easy addition to reception areas. They can also include an option for real-time face mask detection to offer additional oversight where facial coverings are required.

Thermal Temperature Scanner
Thermal Temperature Scanner Kiosk


To create a standardized, simple and affordable work from anywhere set up for better video conference experiences, consider providing your employees a kit that can be paired with your existing laptop or desktop computer via a simple USB connection. The kit can be used when working from home, traveling and working from your desk as you begin to safely return to the office while the use of conference rooms and other shared spaces might be limited.

Personal Video Conference Kits


Our Workplace Technology ™ Team is ready to learn more about your return to office strategy and provide ideas and solutions to ensure the return is one to a better environment that supports well-being as well as productivity, collaboration and innovation.

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