The healthcare industry is experiencing a considerable amount of change and requires a smart approach when building out healthcare environments to manage current and future needs. A pre-engineered, modular construction approach, in which all components can be disassembled, moved and reconfigured quickly without delay or design constraints, has the capability to adapt to any healthcare facility’s evolving needs. From primary care facilities to isolation units, all spaces can benefit from the cost reduction and flexibility that this approach provides. Made-to-measure components satisfy the unique needs of the industry, and guarantee that the space looks, feels and functions as desired.

A modular approach ensures that healthcare environments are operational with little interruption during renovations. Prefab healthcare solutions reduce downtime in construction because they are custom fit to the interior before arriving. These solutions allow for future changes by being easy to reconfigure and reuse existing elements. According to DIRTT, a manufacturer of customized interiors, this can mean as little as two to three weeks in lead time, so patients have access to needed treatments quicker than in typical projects using conventional sheetrock construction.

DIRTT also claims that conventional builders spend approximately 70 percent of their budget on labor and 30 percent on materials. Modular construction reverses this spending model: approximately 30 percent is spent on labor and 70 percent goes toward custom, pre-fabricated components that allow a quick assembly. This provides a higher quality of fit out and a highly functional healthcare space that will adapt to change in a quicker timeframe.

In addition, removing the element of sheetrock wall installations dramatically reduces dust, and thus minimizes impact on indoor air quality. This is paramount when considering the health concerns of patients, and the highly sensitive and specialized equipment being used in these environments.

dancker works with DIRTT to build healthcare environments that enhance patient well-being while supporting the diverse needs of clinicians and facilities teams. This modular construction approach keeps the client well-informed and in control at every step. All aspects, from design and pricing to specifying, manufacturing and installation, are tracked and managed through an intuitive platform. In addition, their solutions are made-to-measure in a consistent fit and finish for unique conditions.

Through our healthcare logistics team, we offer project management, procurement, delivery, and installation of highly sensitive equipment. dancker provides healthcare solutions that make moving or renovating quick and easy, with the personal touch to handle equipment delicately and ensure the safety of expensive machinery.