dancker’s integrated approach to architectural, furniture, technology and logistic solutions achieve successful outcomes.

Technology is integral to the meeting space yet, traditionally, it has not been actively included in the overall space design, often resulting in a compromise of functionality and scalability aka “form over function”. As a comprehensive provider of architecture, furniture, technology and logistic solutions (AFTL), dancker is ushering in a paradigm shift in the approach to designing today’s collaborative work environment. By working with dancker, technology is no longer handled as a retrofit to a space design, but an essential component that is elegantly incorporated into the room’s aesthetics, creating a comfortable, productive environment.  With dancker’s extensive expertise, clients now have a single source to address the extensive requirements of the environment, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Unified Consultation

Engaged at the project’s inception, dancker can provide expert consultation to the client and all project stakeholders to understand the workflow and alignment of technology, space and growth with short-term and long-term visions. Through this discovery, dancker will envision a comprehensive solution that incorporates all elements of the space including walls, furniture and technology.

Unified Design

The technology design will be seamlessly incorporated with all other design elements in the space and will ensure that the other architectural elements, in turn, work seamlessly with the technology. Harmonizing the individual groups’ expertise, the different disciplines work as one within the organization to achieve a successful outcome.

Unified Implementation & Day 2 Support

Instead of working with multiple project managers to coordinate various trades throughout your project’s installation and implementation, dancker provides a sole source project manager professional to oversee the entire scope. Changes that effect other aspects of the project are streamlined, eliminating potential problems that could ultimately compromise functionality or furniture specifications as well as cost. As a longstanding partner, dancker provides ongoing support beyond the project’s completion and keeps the client apprised to emerging technologies.

dancker’s innovative, cross-functional capabilities enable clients to work with one company that understands office design, workflows and technologies in a comprehensive, unified design that expertly balances form with function. This new simplified approach minimizes the client’s interaction with multiple entities and ensures that their vision is realized.