During the pandemic, our confidential technology client faced the challenge of deciding what to do with their significant real estate as employees transitioned to remote work. What began as a simple relocation project in March 2020 evolved into a multi-phased asset management and workplace design enhancement project. Jennifer Slevens, our Logistics Project Manager, played a crucial role in this transformation. Let’s dive into the details of each phase:

Phase I: Reuniting Team Members and Desk Enhancement

The initial phase involved developing a strategy to reunite team members with their personal belongings that were left in the office. Recognizing the importance of the office as a second home for many employees, this task was approached with care. Each desk was photographed and emailed to the occupant and their manager to confirm ownership and arrange for pickup or direct shipment to their homes. Proper processes were established to handle the donation or disposal of items found in desks, adhering to all regulations. Across their three locations, a total of 1,453 desks were processed and cleaned out.

During this phase, Jennifer identified an opportunity to improve desk signage and collaborated with the client’s Branding and Facilities and Operations teams, as well as dancker’s Account Executive, Michelle Mills to enhance their wayfinding experience for. Together, they designed desk signage to facilitate the return of remote workers and help them easily find available workstations. As each floor was completed, our logistics team implemented social distancing measures by barcoding and removing surplus furniture. A total of 1,800 chairs were cataloged and moved to storage.

Phase II: Storage Inventory and Campus Revamp

In the second phase, our team inventoried storage rooms and filing cabinets, scheduling meetings with owners to determine which documents should be shredded or retained for future reference. This process led to the establishment of file retention rules and a better understanding of what needed to be maintained. Simultaneously, we embarked on revamping their campus. All furniture was barcoded and added to an inventoried list, which was uploaded into danckerconnect—a platform that allows our clients to easily access and request assets for redeployment. The furniture was then relocated to an unoccupied space owned by our client. The utilization of danckerconnect provided their team with full visibility and streamlined the review of new and transferred redeployed furniture.

Throughout these phases, Jennifer Slevens’ expertise and hands-on experience with complex move programs ensured the smooth management of the project, helping to redefine the logistics paradigm within the organization.