As the world around us continues to change, so do the education trends in schools across the nation. The way students learn and educators teach will continue to be greatly impacted by the way our society has embraced the growth of technology in our everyday lives. Over the past several years, we’ve seen the devices and the way information is presented change, but when is the last time we’ve seen something new?

According to the eSchool Media’s Annual Trend Report, (which compiles some of the most practical, forward-looking predictions from educators and the industry on what will trend for the upcoming year in both K-12 and higher education), one of the predicted education trends will enhance learning like never before. The big idea: augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). With the introduction of AR and VR into a classroom setting, the term “active learning” will take on a whole new meaning. With this trend taking shape in 2018, students will be given a “hands-on, in-person” experience without leaving their desks. The technology will not only unlock so many doors for students, but also for teachers being able to educate their students by helping them visualize concepts that were at one time difficult to understand without being able to see it first-hand.

In addition to the big prediction of the impact of AR/VR technology, here’s a preview of a few more trends highlighted in the eSchool News’ Annual Report that you should keep an eye out for in the year ahead:

  • Say Goodbye to the Quiet Library
  • Social-Emotional Support Systems Will Be Data-Driven
  • Student Choice and Responsibility Hits Blended Learning
  • Non-Traditional Learners Will Lead a Digital Disruption

To find out what all the top education trends are, be sure to read the¬†eSchool Media’s Annual Trend Report in it’s entirety here.