Originally published in Workplaces Magazine, May 2020 Edition
Written by Kevin Klier, SEVP & GM | dancker

While being in the same room as your teammates can’t be replaced, technology can certainly help remote workers form better connections with one another. The key to making it a successful experience is thinking about the setup of both employees’ homes and the workplace.

The variety of technological platforms available has removed limitations for organizations on where their employees need to be located. As technology connects workers, skilled employees can be hired from anywhere – they no longer need to come into a physical office to work productively and efficiently with their teams.

But these platforms do not come without their challenges. Facial expressions can’t always be seen, and some capabilities are underutilized. This can be helped by having everyone turn on their cameras and setting up workspaces – whether in the office or at home – with the proper acoustics, devices and tools so that teams can come together.

Kevin Klier, dancker’s Senior EVP and General Manager, brings 30+ years of experience to our team. He’s essential in guiding our team to help clients make the best decisions for their environments.

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