Bridgewater, NJ

To meet the intense demands of today’s cyber security needs, the Director of Incident Response for a global organization realized they needed a comprehensive renovation of their Security Operations Center (SOC) within their headquarters in New Jersey. With a project goal to create a highly secure space that improves overall functionality, careful consideration was also given to ergonomics and aesthetics. Faced with the challenge of losing well-trained staff to competitors, it was crucial for our client to transform their SOC into an inspiring and comfortable environment that would help attract and retain top talent.

The space is broken into four main areas: a crisis room featuring a video wall and space for 10 people to easily communicate with each other, a conference room with multiple means of access and a large digital display, a huddle room for small team collaboration, lab/work area, and a focus room for individual privacy.

dancker provided the following integrated solutions:
– pre-engineered modular walls for cleaner, faster construction of the space that also allows light to filter through the space and offers greater flexibility to adapt to future change.
– furniture solutions to promote focus and enhance collaboration that include height adjustable desks and soft seating for alternate postures.
– intuitive technology to meet the unique demands of the SOC such as large displays for continuous online information monitoring and Oblong Mezzanine to facilitate sharing information from displays in main work area room to adjacent conference room.
– imaging and wallcovering featuring world clock display over world map graphic to make the space unique while celebrating their global footprint

A unique layout for furniture combined with state of the art technology, access to daylight, and privacy coatings on glass ensures no matter how intense or confidential a crisis the team is handling, that the team’s wellbeing is still a top priority.

The Director of Security Operations Center chose to work with dancker because of our willingness to listen carefully to their needs and our ability to create a unique space that works for them. The ease of working with a one-source provider for all elements – architectural solutions, contract furniture, collaboration technology and custom wall graphics – proved a huge value in creating a state-of-the-art SOC.