Coppermine Commons | Herndon, VA

Normandy Real Estate Partners is a leading real estate operator and investment manager that reimagines underperforming office and mixed-use investments into innovative work environments. Through a collaborative partnership with Northpoint Construction Services, DCS Design, and dancker, Normandy repositioned the existing corporate campus at Coppermine Commons into an inventive workspace that makes the most of the location’s surroundings and outdoor resources to promote personal well-being, professional growth, and unlimited opportunity for the employees within the space.

Built in 2000, Coppermine Commons is a 609,000 sf office complex in Herndon, VA that consists of three 203,000 Class A office buildings. It offers amenities that include a 300-seat cafeteria, 200-seat conference facility, 3,700 sf fitness center, and an indoor/outdoor tenant lounge.

To help create an environment where employees can enjoy a holistic work lifestyle with a community feel, dancker worked with the project team to provide furniture solutions that achieved the desired aesthetics within the project budget. The variety of settings in the cafeteria and lounge areas offer choice and flexibility for alternate work environments. This approach optimized the large common area by enabling these spaces to be used by tenants throughout the day.