Multiple Locations

Like many organizations that experience rapid growth, Samsung found their national offices were inconsistently furnished and mismatched. Product was purchased as needed and was often selected based solely on cost and speed of delivery. In an effort to reinforce their brand and culture, Samsung wanted to develop furniture standards that could be applied across their real estate portfolio.

We worked in conjunction with JPC Architects to establish a standards program to provide a more collaborative and residential feel. Standards were developed for lobby and reception areas, workstations, leadership workstations (which replaced all private offices), collaborative spaces, phone rooms, open lounge collaboration areas (known as the “backyard”), social hubs, mother’s rooms, three different-sized conference rooms, and board rooms. Having standards in place has simplified the process of procuring product, and ensures efficient delivery and installation.

dancker is further supporting Samsung by providing Asset and Inventory Management, maintaining a few thousand square feet of furniture and equipment available in NJ, TX, and GA for faster deployment to projects as needed.

Project sites include:

Bellevue, WA | E-Commerce at Bellevue

  • ~20,000 sf

  • Renovation of 21st floor. Includes workstations, leadership workstations, collaborative areas, ancillary furniture, conference rooms, and social hub.

Richfield Park, NJ | Work Cafe

  • ~3,500 sf

  • Renovation of existing cafeteria provided a third place for employees to work beyond their workstations and standard meeting rooms. Includes answer furniture and banquettes.