Hoboken, NJ

We worked with one of America’s oldest businesses, Wiley, to continue their legacy of innovation with their new headquarters. Our solutions helped shift the publishing company from an outdated, hierarchal, and closed environment to a more digitally-focused and open space to help their employees excel in a now technology-driven industry.

Faced with a lease renewal at their headquarters in Hoboken, NJ, Wiley took the opportunity to rethink the functionality of their real estate. Working with TPG Architecture to redesign their workplace, Wiley was able to give up two floors with large vacancy rates. By consolidating their real estate to 300,000sf over six floors, Wiley not only creates a highly efficient space for its employees, but also saves a substantial amount of money every year in leasing fees.

In order to complete a renovation in place, the project required a multi-phase approach. The first phase involved relocating nearly 600 employees into temporary swing spaces while the construction of three floors commenced. During the renovation, our logistics specialists coordinated with Wiley’s team to carefully relocate, tag, and store all items to be reused into the new space.

This renovation project also offered Wiley the opportunity to revisit their workplace standards. After bidding several manufacturers and reviewing product mock-ups, dancker’s proposed Steelcase solution was selected as the favorite. dancker worked closely with Wiley and Steelcase to create a custom 6’x6’ workstation to be installed throughout the new, 100% open plan concept. Stations positioned next to the building’s windows give employees and guests an unobstructed view of New York City’s stunning skyline.

The new headquarters increased the number of collaboration spaces offering a variety of settings and choices of place to work. With IT enhancements like robust wi-fi throughout the building, IP telephony, and secure cloud printing, as well as state-of-the-art meeting room technology, the new spaces enhances mobility and facilitates colleague interaction. Additional improved amenities include high-tech conference center, new cafeteria, coffee bar, and lounge areas, booths, and semiprivate paces throughout the workplace where employees have the chance to break away for brief meetings or spontaneous conversations.

As their trusted advisor, dancker provided solutions that helped Wiley create a space that is flexible, open, and full of branded elements as well as state-of-the-art technology. Not only has the new space contributed to a change in their culture, improved employee engagement, and improved their ability to recruit top talent, it has also become the standard for all ongoing Wiley renovation projects across the country.