Why Healthcare Logistics Matter

Healthcare facilities are unique. The process of completing a new medical facility or renovating an existing one has many complexities: inspections, requirements, staff training, etc.

dancker’s Healthcare Logistics Solutions provide streamlined receipt, delivery, and installation services. Offering short term, inventoried storage on all equipment and furnishings, dancker will work with the project team from planning and purchasing through the Go-Live phase to make sure every piece is properly placed and installed.



PPE Materials Management Program

At the height of the pandemic, we added a 145,000 SF facility in Edison, NJ to help support our healthcare clients’ operational and emergency condition needs. The dedicated team provides 24/7 support.

Our Logistics Team manages the inventory and day-to-day deliveries of a variety of PPE materials for a large northern NJ health network out of the new facility, supporting 16 hospitals and 75 medical facilities. 


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