The role of education is to prepare students to become active, successful, and contributing members of society. Surprisingly, the prevailing school model practiced today was defined in the mid- to late-1800s in response to a society immersed in the Industrial Revolution. In today’s knowledge economy, technology has redefined the skills needed to prepare students to be productive workers.

To be successful in the 21st century, students need the knowledge and experience of self-directed and project-based learning, and to be able to effectively collaborate within diverse groups. Traditional methods of education do not nurture the development of the skill sets needed to be successful knowledge workers. When academic institutions combine flexibility, technology, and hands-on experiences, a 21st century learning culture can thrive.

3 Ways to Explore, Test and Plan for Better Learning Experiences

Our mission is to help schools, colleges, and universities create the most effective, rewarding, and inspiring learning environments. To facilitate the exchange of insights between educators and students on enhancing learning experiences, we host a unique program with the goal of understanding how space helps to optimize the pedagogy across various learning environments.



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