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George Meglio, Director of Workplace Technology at dancker, interviewed By  ()

AV Tech and Furniture

An Emerging Business Model with a Bright Future

Excerpt: It’s fairly obvious that corporate America is changing the way it works. To align with the industry shift to more collaborative work environments, the purpose and function of physical office spaces is in need of an overhaul. Many of us find ourselves in less-than-modern workspaces that were designed for outdated process-based working.

An office space gets new furniture and a coat of paint, perhaps in an attempt to modernize; the AV team typically rolls in with the equipment after the office redesign. They interrupt sight lines, cut holes in furniture, and mount things in strange places out of necessity. Many of these challenges could be resolved if technology providers had a voice on the design team, and got involved earlier in the process.

In 2015, AVIXA launched a study called the “Exceptional Experience.” After gathering data and analyzing workflows, the study concluded that the modern workspace should be the perfect fusion of space, content, and technology. A few forward-thinking AV professionals took this study to heart and are setting the bar for a new brand of partnership between AV technology and office furniture design.