A high-performance workplace allows your people to be their best and is a representation of your company culture. It is a unique environment that works for your organization and supports your most valuable asset – your employees. Understanding your workplace culture is essential to building out a space to match it. In Bill Taylor’s article “4 Kinds of Workplaces, and How to Know Which Is Best for You” for the Harvard Business Review, Taylor outlines four distinct kinds of workplaces based on his work over two decades. These energetic, creative and productive workplaces are:

  • The Company as a Community
  • A Constellation of Stars
  • Not Just a Company, a Cause
  • Small is Beautiful

What kind of workers is your workplace attracting?

“The company as a community environment” attracts individuals with an all-for-one attitude. It suits a company where the needs of the employees outweigh all other constituents. The “constellation of stars” is a much more competitive environment, where employees are fiercely competitive individuals who measure success against personal goals, aspiring to be superstars. Individuals looking for a purpose driven culture, look no further than the “not just a company, a cause” workplace. Employees worry less about themselves and focus more the collective impact of the company to make sacrifices and go to extraordinary lengths to put others first. Lastly, the “small is beautiful” workplace embraces employees who have an entrepreneurial mentality.  In this environment, there is a sense of urgency and few obstacles to restrict action, so a small group of people can achieve big things.

There is no wrong environment. As Taylor notes, “What matters at work is whether the value proposition that drives your company is in sync with the values that motivate you…is compatible with your personal style.” Each workplace suits the industry of the business and reflects those who make the company run day in and day out. As long as you are in a space that works for you and you are a part of a culture where you can produce and succeed, it doesn’t matter where you are.

Connecting People, Passion & Purpose

Our primary focus at dancker is to make our clients’ space work for them. By identifying their culture, values, and goals, we work to create an environment that engages and inspires. Does your company thrive on internal and external competition? We provide solutions for private focus time for you to work away individually and gain an edge. Does your culture promote collaboration and group work? We integrate architecture, furniture and technology to build collaborative spaces where employees can come together and share ideas to unlock their creative potential.

Whatever your culture may be, your high-performing organization needs the right partner to help create an exceptional experience for your employees with your space.

To see which workplace is right for you, check out the rest of Taylor’s article here!