People and real estate are an organization’s greatest assets, but statistics and data show those assets are being underutilized. Recent studies by Steelcase indicate that only 13% of employees are highly engaged and 54% of real estate is being underutilized, signaling that businesses today currently don’t have a great understanding if their space is right for the employees who inhabit it. With the way technology continues to transform how and where we work, companies are turning to and using data to drive the decisions with their spaces. Having the metrics to analyze how a particular space and the tools in it are being used can inform decisions that will lead to higher engagement in the environment.

The problem with collecting data is that too often it is being recorded manually through a time-intensive process. Either someone will walk through a space a few times a day to count occupancy or organizations gather anecdotal evidence from a manager who happens to pass by underutilized rooms. These methods are unreliable, inaccurate, inconclusive and labor intensive, giving little to no real insight into the problem at hand.

Automated data collected by sensors advances the manual process one step further. For example, lights and HVAC can be controlled with an app to be programed to activate during business hours and deactivate when no one occupies a room or building.

However, none of this data collection takes into account the human factor – who is using the space and the tools within that are currently available.

To gather effective and accurate results, a solution is needed to help organizations understand how their people and their spaces are performing at any time throughout the day. By showing up to date and accurate metrics, companies can look to improve effectiveness of their workplace and make decisions about large capital expenditures.

Steelcase’s Workplace Advisor goes far beyond collecting occupancy statistics; it considers the human factor and measures the analog and digital tools available in a space, including whiteboards and interactive technology. Our designers can easily incorporate the sensors into their plans when laying out a particular space. Sensor installation is an effortless process and they are very complimentary in the design process.

Your room utilization data is compiled in a safe and private manner through Microsoft Azure. Backed by the most secure cloud software available, companies don’t have to worry about their results being compromised.

Contact us today to learn more about this new solution that will help you effectively manage your real estate usage and create spaces that enhance the productivity of your employees.