Technology is ubiquitous and changing how and where we work. It’s also making many of our clients rethink their real estate requirements and furniture needs across corporate, education and healthcare verticals.

In the next few years, you’ll see technology dictating the requirements of furniture and not the other way around as is the case in most instances today. By developing more synergistic product offerings, we are ensuring furniture and technology work seamlessly to create the experiences that are the enduring impact of audiovisual systems.

AV professionals pride themselves in creating multimedia experiences, not just selling products. AV technologies are pervasive in all aspects of life and business. Infocomm recently released its new 2016 Global Pro-AV Distribution Channel and Trends Report, which indicates that 2017 will see continued growth in solution sales, based on that growing demand. While AV has most often fallen under the purview of Information Technology Departments, today’s most successful enterprises now understand the business benefits of AV systems, and they want them to be a part of their overall technology strategy.

AV systems provide solutions that lead to the outcomes business leaders seek, whether it’s increased productivity, better collaboration, or higher utilization of rooms and spaces.

In 2016, we added a Workplace Technology (WPT) division to our solutions offerings in order to deliver on our promise to seamlessly integrate architecture, furniture and technology. Because we have been on the forefront of understanding the changing nature of work, we provide our clients with solutions that are innovative and that deliver on the experiences that deliver real results for their business.

Our experienced WPT team works with our Furniture and Architectural Solutions teams and Clients to professionally design, integrate, operate and manage AV solutions that create experiences that lead to desired outcomes.

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