Spring is a time when we reset and often pause to think about fresh starts.

From spring cleaning to checking on milestones we set at the beginning of the new year, it’s usually a hopeful and exciting time. Following 10 months of adjusting to life during a pandemic, we were all hopeful as we counted down to January 1, 2021. Despite good news around the development of vaccines in record time, 2021 has begun with continued uncertainty and challenges, but we’re seeing more determination to move forward.

In 2020, we learned to adapt and make do with good enough as we managed through unprecedented times. We learned how to fit work into our home life, how to stay connected while staying apart physically, and how to protect those who remained on the road and in the front lines. We accepted good enough as we hoped and longed for a return to normal.

With the opportunity to pause and reflect on our office environments and what is “normal”, we’re realizing that a lot of what we’re doing at work and with workplaces wasn’t all that normal! In fact, for many the opportunity to work from home and find greater balance between work/life proved how wrong a 5-day commute to the office was for them. Still others found it nearly impossible to stay focused and productive without the stimulation of the office buzz and interactions with peers they were missing.

Which persona best describes your feelings?

  • Frustrated Creative Networker: Home Office is a Suspension from Normal Life and Work
  • Overworked Caretaker: Home Office is a Nonstop Flow of Competing Demands
  • Autonomy Seeker: Home Office is Freedom
  • Relieved Self-Preservationist: Home Office is the Only Place I am Safe
  • Isolated Zoomer: Home Office is a Lonely Cage

As we begin this new chapter, we are not settling for good enough or even looking for normalcy. We are focused on a return to better. We’re leaning on Steelcase’s research to help our clients look ahead and plan their next steps with confidence. Stay tuned as we continue sharing new insights, new applications, and new tools that are designed to co-create safe, inclusive, productive, and comfortable work environments for you and your teams.

Our mission has never been clearer. We help our clients to create spaces that maximize the flow between people and ideas to unleash creative, productive, human potential.

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