It’s been one year since the US Economy shifted to remote work practically overnight in the battle against COVID, requiring all of us to adapt and rely on technology solutions like never before. While the trend towards digital transformation was well on its way, this sudden shift was a major accelerant to the adoption of technologies and project management systems that are crucial for remote work to succeed.

As the hope continues around the deployment of a vaccine to curb this pandemic, we’re seeing greater momentum around the world in a slow return to safer offices. At the same time, we’re seeing an increased need for both safe and compelling work environments to support people’s needs in their return.

From 5 human needs that have emerged to the 4 macro shifts organizations must adopt to remain competitive, Steelcase’s research dives in to what people want so they feel supported and can do their best work.

While everyone’s return to office strategy is different, one common trend we’re seeing is a hybrid approach where only some people will be in the office on a regular basis and a percentage of people will continue to work remotely. New technology being developed – such as reservation systems, occupancy analytics, virtual planning and touring, space management, and remote inventory management – is focused on digitization, providing touchless experiences, and seamless integration with current systems. Bridging the gap between digital and physical workspaces to ensure a seamless experience is going to be crucial.

To help bridge this gap, our Workplace Technology team recently shared technology considerations for a better work experience. They have also continued to explore additional solutions to help our clients as they begin planning and rethinking their office spaces.

Density Desktop App Preview
Density Desktop App Preview

We’re now partnered with Density, a real-time occupancy monitoring and space analytics platform solution that promotes safety, a better work experience and space optimization. Density uses cutting-edge 3D depth sensors for enclosed spaces along with radar-enabled sensors to measure occupancy in open areas.  This solution provides real-time data that is both accurate and 100% anonymous, dashboards, analytics, custom reporting, and alerts/notifications.

With Safe by Density, we can help keep your people safe, without invading their privacy by measuring the use of your space. This solution offers 3 important benefits:

Safe Display Safe Alerts Safe Analytics
Real-time capacity displays empower employees and customers to make safer decisions as they go about their day. Options include native mobile, web, SMS, and on-site digital signage. When occupancy approaches or reaches unsafe levels, employees can be alerted. You can give both employees and customers the ability to subscribe to Safe Alerts. With Safe Analytics, you can monitor your portfolio’s compliance with social distancing policies.

Density also helps our clients gain actionable utilization and occupancy data for intelligent space planning and their corporate portfolio strategy. Our goal is help clients improve space utilization by understanding how every room, floor and building is used across their real estate portfolio. The data collected can help reduce costs, simplify space planning, and validate needs as clients begin to rethink and reimagine their workplaces.

Want to learn more about how Density can support your safe return to the office planning? Set up a consultation with our WPT team to discuss this and additional digital transformation goals.