people working together in a huddle room

Hyper Collaboration + Engagement: Redefining the Ways We Work Together

For years we have witnessed a growing trend as organizations created spaces that helped to pull people together and maximize their collective productivity. Open offices with a wide variety of spaces – collaboration zones, high-tech meeting rooms, cafes and lounges that create “a more relaxed and energetic environment that contrasts with the conventional approaches organizations…

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Working Remotely is Here to Stay_Kevin_Klier-FeatureImage

Working Remotely is Here to Stay

Originally published in Workplaces Magazine, May 2020 Edition Written by Kevin Klier, SEVP & GM | dancker While being in the same room as your teammates can’t be replaced, technology can certainly help remote workers form better connections with one another. The key to making it a successful experience is thinking about the setup of…

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questions about what comes next? who-what-when-how

What Comes Next Post COVID-19? Part One: Coming Up with the Right Questions to Ask

Written by Steve Lang, President & CEO | dancker Now that we have been sheltering-in-place and social-distancing for eight weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are numerous questions swirling around all of us: How much longer will this go on? Will I be able to go back to work? When? Will my kids be…

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Doctor using tablet to communicate with patient virtual

How to Humanize Virtual Healthcare

Virtual healthcare visits – medical consultations that take place remotely using video and audio connections – are becoming the industry’s new normal. They’re predicted to soar to more than one billion in 2020, according to Forrester, including 900 million virtual visits related to COVID-19. “Forrester also expects time and resource constraints to create a supply…

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Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

The Need for Flexibility in Healthcare Environments

Now more than ever we recognize the need for flexibility in all industries, but especially healthcare. Ships, convention centers, hotels, even tents in parks are being converted into hospitals in order to meet the surging demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rightly so, healthcare providers are focused on the immediate – on how to provide the…

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Parsippany Middle School

Learning Spaces Evolved: Moving Classrooms Forward with Active Learning

In these unprecedented times, schools across the U.S. have been forced to close in order to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Many education systems have sent kids home with materials and tools that help them continue to learn outside of the classroom, leveraging technology to keep everyone connected. Communities are coming together…

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Learning Spaces Evolved: New Models for the School Library

Given the emphasis on principles like design thinking, active collaboration, and agility in today’s business culture, it’s no surprise that project-based learning has emerged as a leading educational model to prepare students for their future contributions to the knowledge- and service-based economy. Problem-solving has long been a key part of schools’ curricula, but 21st century…

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Hyper Collaboration + The Ancillary Market: Driving ROI with Diverse Workspaces

The most effective modern workplaces are host to a diverse mix of spaces and furnishings that support the many different ways employees work – focusing, collaborating, learning, socializing – and many ancillary products are available to enhance the design of those spaces. But it’s risky to create lounge areas, huddle spaces and cafes (or any…

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Steelcase Learn Lab Modern Workplace

Hyper-Collaboration + Innovation, Part 2: Connecting People with their Workplace

In part one of this blog series, we wrote that innovation can’t occur without teamwork, and we described several common business practices such as design thinking, generative thinking, and active collaboration that help to nurture an agile work culture that’s well-poised to succeed. But it all falls flat unless the physical workplace supports these modern…

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Hyper-Collaboration + Innovation, Part 1: Ways People Work Together

It has become an almost universal truth in today’s business climate that innovation is required for success, and that teamwork is required to innovate. Steelcase’s recent Active Collaboration Study confirms that 93% of business leaders, managers and individual contributors believe that teamwork helps to generate better ideas.But with increasingly common disconnects between people, place and…

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Healthcare Logistics: Managing Assets and Inventory to Improve Patient Care

Written by Dennis Summers, Senior Account Executive at dancker dancker’s Healthcare Logistics team has a tried-and-true process when it comes to managing our clients’ assets to ensure they have what they need, when they need it. If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve probably spent countless hours sitting in waiting rooms of doctor’s offices…

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Opportunities Beyond the Classroom: In-Between Spaces that Work

Learning and growth are no longer restricted to the classroom or library – the space in between classrooms and other traditional learning environments is valuable real estate where students and faculty collide regularly. Hallways, lounge spaces and common areas are no longer just empty spaces that students and faculty pass through as they go from…

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