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Shifting Stakeholders’ Perspectives to Help School Systems Thrive in the Post-Pandemic Era

‘Tis the season of back-to-school, but this is no ordinary school year. At every level, pre-K through college, education looks a little different in 2020. Some students and teachers have returned to the classroom in-person, some are staying home for virtual learning, and some are embracing a hybrid of the two. Schools across the country…

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Lessons Learned: Healthcare + COVID-19

It can take 3-4 years to build a hospital that will be around for 30+ years. During the building’s lifecycle, the patient demographic can shift, greatly altering the level of care needed in these facilities. On occasion, a pandemic or other emergency strikes further accelerating the need to adapt and change these facilities to meet…

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Digital Transformation of the Workplace: Optimizing Performance with Data

Written by Rob Newell, Chief Technology Officer | dancker In recent months, a recurring theme in our conversations with clients has been the continued digital transformation of workplaces and the ways people work. As dancker’s president and CEO, Steve Lang recently wrote, “everyone we’ve spoken to suggests that working from home has been successful – people…

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How Can Education Thrive in a Post-COVID Era?

On August 4th, we partnered with Steelcase and the DLR Group to host a virtual round table with some of our education clients to gain an understanding of the concerns, ideas, and hopes for education in the post-COVID era. We’re thankful to those who were able to join despite Hurricane Isaias and missed those who…

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Digital Transformation of the Workplace: Creating the Agile Office

Written by Rob Newell, Chief Technology Officer | dancker Workplace technology has long played a role in an organization’s agility – their ability to move quickly and easily through changing times. Central to dancker’s mission is our motivation to help our clients integrate technology into their workflow and their workspace, ensuring that it’s integrated with…

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Has Working from Home Made Us More Human?

Written by Valerie Santanasto, VP Sales | dancker Many of us have learned more about our peers in these last few months while working from home than we have over the years of working with them in an office. The pandemic created an opportunity for us to experience one another as full people: parents with…

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Employers must reimagine workspaces to optimize efficiency after Covid-19

Employers Must Reimagine Workspaces to Optimize Efficiency after COVID-19

Originally published in Baltimore Business Journal on July 10, 2020 Written by Nathan Kooi, Vice President & General Manager | Mid-Atlantic | dancker For most of us, the Coronavirus pandemic has meant discovering new ways to work, from sitting in your basement with a laptop to connecting to your colleagues and clients via Zoom meetings (some…

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Four Reasons Why Modular Construction Offers the Smartest Solutions for a Safe Return to Work

As many organizations map out plans for their return to the workplace, it’s becoming clear that most spaces will require at least minor retrofits or renovations in order to help employees feel comfortable and safe, and to meet new standards and protocols for social distancing and cleanliness. Now more than ever we need to minimize…

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What Comes Next Post COVID-19? Part Three: Shifting from Question to Answer Mode

Written by Steve Lang, President & CEO | dancker Ready or not, the world is reopening. We’ve been anticipating this moment for months, understanding from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic that the world would be different – would feel different – when we returned to it. We had many questions and trusted that the answers…

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Why We Miss the Office

Now that a large percentage of the workforce has been required to work from home because of the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us are wondering – since employees have proven that they can effectively and efficiently work from home, do we even still need an office? The answer is yes…and it involves all the things…

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Is Good… Good Enough? The Power of Milieu

Originally published by Steven Lang on LinkedIn on May 28, 2020 Success is no accident. Sure, you might get lucky once or twice but the people and organizations who have demonstrated and sustained success do so through determination and hard work repeated over time. But what else…what are the other contributing factors to success? Your…

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Optimizing Physical Spaces for Telehealth_S_Lang

Optimizing Physical Spaces for Telehealth

Originally published in Healthcare Facilities Today on June 1, 2020 Written by Steve Lang, President & CEO | dancker While it was always recognized as useful, virtual technology has proven to be an irreplacable tool during the COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth visits have been on the rise since the start of the pandemic, and are expected to…

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