Today’s knowledge

Today’s knowledge and creative work requires a variety of work modes throughout the day. People need to focus, collaborate, socialize, learn and rejuvenate to be their best. Great spaces need to support people’s ability to create, evaluate, and build on knowledge. It is this teamwork that generates new ideas and creative solutions that move organizations forward.

In A Hyper-Collaborative World

Collaboration is no longer limited to time spent in meetings in conference rooms. It can happen anywhere. Successful organizations encourage spontaneous and informal moments of collaboration to support cultures of learning and innovation.

Collaboration Space Types

Conference Rooms
Team Studio
Huddle Rooms
Huddle Rooms + Video
Open Collaboration Areas
Flexible Collaboration Rooms

Solutions Made Simple

This 38-page Collaboration Solutions book will guide you through integrated solutions to support today’s teams, how we can measure effectiveness of a space, and details six settings that can support and encourage collaboration.

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